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Buying a

You deserve the perfect home. It’s your time to shine!
I will do everything I can to get you exactly what you want, and I will be with you every step of the way as a trusted advisor. Contact me today for an in-depth analysis – after all, it's my job to make sure that finding your new home goes smoothly from start to finish!

Selling Your Home

Idaho is a unique and diverse area. Each town has its character, not to mention the many different neighborhoods within each one! To get your home sold quickly with all of those buyers out there on the market, you need someone who knows them as I do. Someone whose marketing will reach just that right buyer when they're ready for it. To get the best possible price for your home, it's essential to market towards these specific buyers in an appealing way--I've got you covered!

Commerical Properties

Purchasing and selling commercial real estate in Idaho is often a complex, lengthy process with many different components. Although every transaction has its own set of nuances, most commercial real estate purchase and sale transactions follow the same work flow. I can help.



I take pride in finding residential properties and helping put them on your side, getting a good profit for everybody involved while doing so! It's all about building long-term wealth by tackling ambitious goals confidently using my experience as an agent!

I am passionate about how people can use their assets wisely—whether they're looking to purchase or sell at a profit. As an experienced real estate agent, I work diligently on each opportunity, from searching out property deals that will benefit everyone involved.

Ranches &

Opportunities include working ranches, pastureland, grazing land, luxury mountain ranches, guest ranches, farmland, cropland, timberland, forests, equestrian estates, horse properties, fly fishing properties, hunting land and recreational sporting properties for sale across the United States. 


The multifamily property is a great investment during economic downturns because even when other forms of real estate lose value, people still need somewhere to live. In fact, many find themselves forced into rental housing instead and the demand for these properties tends not only stay high but actually increase due in part by more seniors living on their own without children or another family member around who can help out with housework!

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